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Rethinking African Presence and Contribution to Humanity.

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The Necessity of a Think-tank to Blend Intelligences

In a world characterized by an accelerated production of all kinds of knowledge and discourses, a world in which peoples, nations and their elites compete to frame, share and impose their visions of the past, present and future, the African World can no longer afford to be absent from the major debates on the challenges of our time.


After centuries of slavery and colonization, but also decades of misguided independence, calamitous governance and appalling mimicry, which partly explain Africa's current situation,  thinkers, scholars and creators from the continent and its Diasporas have the critical mission to regain their autonomy  of thought in order to achieve the necessary epistemological, cultural and political breaks  and reaffirm their people’s contributions to humankind.


This the reason why we decided to set up a Forum to rethink, from an a Global Africa perspective the major issues concerning the future of humanity: economic development, social justice, political governance, intellectual and cultural sovereignty, ecological transition, intergenerational dialogue, education, health, cultural heritage etc.  

AFROSPECTIVES intends to mobilize continental and diasporic intelligence to actively participate in the reflection and action on the important questions of our time. AFROSPECTIVES will contribute to the global effort of reconceptualisation and paradigms change through the revaluation and/or invention of endogenous concepts capable of reflecting the plurality of worldviews. Intellectual independence, rigorous research approaches and freedom of expression in exchanges are the foundations of the credibility of this Think Tank, which is not affiliated with any political, economic or other interest group or school of though

Latest Events

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International Webinar on Public Health Policy-Making in Africa:

What Lessons to Be Learnt from the COVID-19 Pandemic?

Friday, October 28 | 8 - 11 AM - GMT UTC

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