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Global Africa

A New Concept to Sustain Thought


        All the actions and thought carried out to highlight the African presence in the world and take stock of this universal experience have led to the definition of a new operational concept: that of “Global Africa”. This concept overrides the divisions and dichotomies imposed on Africa during enslavement and colonization, which on the one hand oppose the different regions of Africa - White North Africa; Black Sub-Saharan Africa; Brown Horn of Africa; etc) - and its diasporas on the other hand. It also questions the “essentialization” of these differences viewed as irreducible particularisms that deny Africans the possibility and right to universalism, exclusive domain reserved to Westerners.  

         The concept of Global Africa Global Africanity allows for the conception of a common African and diasporic history and vision free of exogenous narratives and chronologies. It opens up the possibility to restore a transversal cultural continuum between Africa and its diasporas, emphasizing different circulations within the Afro-diasporic spaces (circulation of people, ideas, technologies, know-how, etc..). It proposes a dynamic and textured mapping of African contributions to diverse forms of modernity (cultural, political, intellectual, scientific…etc).

           Beyond its analytic force, the concept of Global Africa provides the grounding for the construction of a new Pan-African perspective, able to re-mobilize and channel the energy of African and Afro-descendant Youth and serve as conceptual foundation for the African Renaissance project.

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