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Main Objectives

AFROSPECTIVES will contribute to the global effort of reconceptualisation and paradigms change through 7 main objectives:

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Provide a space for reflection and exchange

To facilitate dialogue between African and Afro-descendant decision-makers and researchers and intellectuals on the one hand, and between the latter and artists, creators, educators, journalists and internet communicators from the continent and the African diaspora on the other.


Collect, analyze, and revalorize African knowledge, know-how, and practices

To formulate political, social, cultural, economic and environmental alternatives contributing to the different African and Afro descent common agendas supported by the African Union, the CARICOM and Global Africa organizations.


Promote research and debate on the construction of an African modernity

Based on the experiences, expressions and aspirations of African and Afro-descendant peoples and which can contribute to the global reflection on a shared pluriversalism.


Regularly produce strategic analyses and concrete recommendations (Policy Papers)

On major regional and global challenges for African and Afro-descendants decision-makers, notably for the those of the African Union and of other regional organisations;


Develop advocacy to promote successful African and Afro-descent experiences

And innovative alternative solutions that can effectively contribute to social transformations.


Advise and support African countries

Wishing to renew the content of their education, and the narratives of their history and cultural heritage in a pan-African perspective.


Publish and disseminate the results of exchanges and debates

Including through social medias, to wider audiences, in particular the youth to guide their emancipation efforts and sustain their attachment to Pan-African ideals.

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